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Set Desgn of "Rumors"

The latest project was a set design for the Neil Simon's play "Rumors" performed by the Sitka Comunity Theatre and directed by Ed Ronco. The set is made almost entirely of modular reuseable components that are modified designs of standard theatrical flats and platforms with Victorian details added. The material will be reconstituted for a production of Arsenic and Old Lace showing later this Spring.

Seattle Hospital's Capital Campaign

In September Run8Design was invited to create environmental/stage lighting for a Seattle Hospital's Capital Campaign. To help turn the tent into an exciting event environment video support was added. All video content was created especially for this event. The stage lighting also provided an old school challenge as it had to miss the screens yet make the IMAG look good. Production Assistant Derick Avitt supported designer J. Bradley. Hollywood Lights, VER and Gary Radakovich provided the equipment for this design.

Holiday Brass Concert 2010

This is the Lighting Design for the annual 2010 Sitka Holiday Brass Concert. The lighting involved a set design created with materials donated by Spenard's Buildiners.

Pulp Recording Studio

The idea for the studio started with a local Sitkan, Reber Stein. He had been dabbling in some recording for the Rockabily band The Sugar Shakers and thought the administrative building at the old mill had some potential. J. Bradley came out and looked at it with him and thought that the acoustics were ideal for a variety of music styles. After setting up a lease with the City of Sitka in December, they moved in and began recording. So far the studio has tracked sessions for Joe Montagna and Slack Tide, Bellymeat. Ted Howard, Mark Verne, the Hollanbd Tunnel Orchestra and J.

Pulp Recording Studio

6 miles outside of Sitka at the end of the road is a recording studio at the mostly abandoned Alaska Pulp Corporation.

There are several projects currently being recorded there, one by the Holland Tunnel Orchestra and another solo effort by J. Bradley.